Cord Knots During Pregnancy

What are umbilical cord knots?

A cord knot is precisely what the term implies—a knot in the baby’s umbilical cord.

How common are umbilical cord knots?

Keeping an eye out for potential signs of an umbilical cord knot is prudent, allowing you to promptly inform your healthcare practitioner

Long Umbilical Cords:

Increased Mobility: A longer umbilical cord provides greater mobility for the baby within the amniotic sac.

Long Umbilical Cords:

Twisting and Coiling: The extended length of the cord allows for more twisting and coiling, providing ample opportunities for knots to develop during the baby’s movements.

Small for Gestational Age (SGA) Babies:

Reduced Amniotic Fluid: SGA babies are often associated with reduced amniotic fluid levels.